Scams are common in our industry and new scams are developed every day. Scammers are operating by pretending to be MSPA Americas or our member companies, and seeking independent contractor details by email or telephone. Though we cannot stop every scam and the people behind them, we can alert the appropriate parties and minimize exposure when possible. Fortunately, you can now file a claim to get money back.

Using this guide is a great way to start fighting back! Scam Response Guide

We will share scams with the membership as they are known to us. If you have one to share, please email and we will share them here.

January 2018
  • Another standard check scam is occuring from someone who calls themself Alex Baker and poses as being an Assignment Coordinator with our member company Kinesis.
  • An email that appears to come from Liam Olivia at who is said to represent the University of Iowa for Mystery Shopping Company is most definitely not a legitimate mystery shopping assignment.
  • It is highly unlikely for a scheduler to first contact you via text! Reports have come in about a scammer texting from 304-449-6805.
  • Emailed opportunities coming from Allen Tyler,, that reference the MSPA Europe/Africa and Mystery Shopper Inc. is a scam.

December 2017
  • MSPA Member Coast to Coast Scheduling Services, Inc. has been targeted in a mystery shopping scam. Michael Caulfield, using the email, mailed a check out for $2850, asking the person to deposit it and purchase $2500 in gift cards plus a $30 clothing item and keep $320 for “weekly commission, your logistics and gift card charges fee.” He also instructs, “Completing assignment fast earns you reward to receive more assignments promptly. I want you to know that completing assignment and sending in the report as soon as funds are available in your account earns you 30% payment increase on your next assignments.”
  • Another scammer is immitating our member company Sights on Service, Secret Shopper and going by the name of Michael Richardson, email address His email references the MSPA and legitimate information about the company however, the "opportunity" to visit a location and make observations in regards to customer service and get paid $500 per visit, is definitely a scam.
  • A check scam coming from Steve Gregory ( who claims to be with both The Consumer Insight and Shoppers Confidential has been reported.  This one is trying so hard to seem real that he's referencing two unrelated member companies!

November 2017
  • Someone going by Madelyn Thomas, reaching out from 203-590-5436, is sending scam checks. The sender name on the check we were notified of was Mark Greenberg.
  • Carlton Robertson with Mystery Evaluations is not an MSPA Member.  This is an unfamiliar company and communication we've seen from does not seem to be legitimate.
  • Anonymous Insights shared on the IC Facebook page that a person by the name of Rebekah Patrick is attempting to steal our identity. She is representing herself as an employee of Anonymous Insights. She has created a Linked In profile that says that she has worked for Anonymous Insights since 2000 and gives an email address that follows the same format as ours ( This is not a real email address but if you reply to it, it will be sent to a different email address that is "hidden" behind it. THIS IS A SCAM. This person does not work for or represent Anonymous Insights, Inc. in any way. If you hear from her do not give her any personal information and do not accept anything from her. Report her to the police and BBB immediately.
  • Unfortunately the Mintel scam is still going strong.  Please keep in mind that our member companies are legitimate but scammers sometimes try to make themselves appear to be associated with legitimate companies.
  • A scammer going by Jacob Heckman is posing as an associate of Create Image Associates, Inc.
  • Intouch Insight has a scammer sending out money orders and using their logo.

October 2017
  • MSPA Headquarters has received numerous reports of messages being sent from MSPA staff looking to hiring evaluators. Since MSPA staff do not hire, we know this to be a scam.
  • One of our International members notified us that someone with a US phone number (641) 316-0393 added their company as a group on Whatsapp and sent unnamed messages in Turkish. The phone number is from Iowa according to the area code. The person has poor Turkish written skills, so we struggled to understand the meaning of the messages. Please be aware of both of these scams and want your evaluators to do the same.
  • On behalf of Intouch Insight, we have been alerted of mystery shopping scams using our logo and information. We received messages from people saying that they received a money order from us. None of these people are mystery shoppers registered with us, but one of them was able to send us the letter that they received which did have our logo on it. We never ask mystery shoppers to cash a cheque or deposit a money order before completing a shop. We want to alert mystery shoppers that this is a scam, and that we are not involved.
  • Don't be tricked by a company going by "Circle of Services."  The MSPA does have a member company named Circle of Service however Circle of Services seems to be a typical check scammer.
September 2017
  • Someone posing as a Karen Lane from Market Cube Survey, LLC ( is sending check scam emails.
  • Another check scammer is posing as Mystery Shoppers, Inc., emailing from and perhaps texting from 931-896-8849.
August 2017
  • People are sending out emails in the name of MSPA asking for shoppers to work for them. MSPA does not solicit shoppers so this is a scam. Please delete and do not reply to any messages from Bill Belgard or like names.
  • From Circle of Service: It seems that there is a group out there that has attached themselves to our logo and information. They are falsely sending mystery shopping opportunities to large groups of people on LinkedIn. This group is sending checks for large amounts to shoppers. We have been contacted by many shoppers throughout the country who are concerned. Many have turned the information over to their local authorities.
  • A scammer posing as a Mintel Co-ordinator named Brian Anthony at is sending out letters to text 904-299-2607 or 206-691-8131 about an assignment and sign up at  Though Mintel is a legitimate company and current member, this scammer is dishonestly portraying themselves as an employee--they are not.
  • Western Union Scams (posted December 2016) and Scam Warning Signs (from the Western Union website)
  • Shared by Insight, and recently received from a shopper: I am Michael Richardson Recruitment Specialist with Sights On Service Inc.“We have a mystery shopping assignment in your area and we would like you to participate." Secret Shopper® has been in business since 1990. We are a charter member of the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association (MSPA), the professional tradeassociation for the Mystery Shopping industry. This is a scam!
  • From a shopper: I recently signed up to be a member/partner with Beta Research Company, but something doesn't seem right to me. They mailed me a check in the mail for over $2,700 and want me to deposit it into my account and keep $250 for myself. They sent me a one-page evaluation sheet in the mail to evaluate the bank, but just doesn't seem right to me. They've sent me multiple emails and text messages reminding me to follow up with them. I began ignoring them.
  • ABO Skin Serum, producer of Calypso, has been removing funds from people's accounts without sending them a product.
  • Packages have been received by numerous shoppers from Mystery Guests Co. including an assignment and a check for more than $3,000.
  • Six Star Solutions shared there are some men (Louis, Aaron, Mark, etc.) sending out emails promising $3,000 a month salary on top of $350 for each shop completed. It all started with LinkedIn. The company's suggestions it to report it to the FTC.
  • From a shopper: I received a check drawn on Citibank but no instructions. It looked legitimate. I had emailed info for a mystery shopper job. I called Citibank verification number 866-678-0088. The check is a fraud. The routing number is 031100209. Account number 38762924. The return address is from Francis Paul Landover MD. Then I received a text 2 days later asking if I received the check. And then an email instructing me to deposit into my account and keep $250. And to send $1030 to two others. IT IS a SCAM! 

July 2017
  • Members are reporting an influx of messages from Western Union Malaysia saying the recipient is approved to receive $1.5 million dollars. The reply email is
  • Bestmark shared that someone has been masking their email as to conduct their phishing and/or scamming. Reply emails go to Eric Jennings at and the scammer is offering $500 per shop, after asking for personal details.
  • DSG Shared this on Facebook: "It has come to our attention that there is a scam continuing to go on using our name, DSG Associates. If you receive an email, letter, and/or package from “DSG ASSOCIATES INC” asking you to cash a check and purchase Walmart gift cards, please ignore it. These are NOT from DSG Associates. Please do not cash, deposit, or use the check to make any type of purchase. If you have not yet performed an assignment for us and receive a check or you receive a check in an amount different from the pay of your shop, please contact us ASAP.
  • A Shopper shared this on Facebook after receiving a bogus email: Gap Burster Inc is currently hiring for "Part Time Mystery Shoppers." Pay is $200/ weekly. If you are still interested, Kindly e-mail the following to: