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If you are new to the industry, you are in the right place for trustworthy information regarding legitimate mystery shopping and customer experience business! MSPA Americas has created one of the most comprehensive resources available to help independent contractors learn about the industry and access opportunities.

Please review responses to some Frequently Asked Questions below. 


How to Become a Mystery Shopper?
The MSPA Americas offers a free Independent Contractor membership level to get you started. Our Plus level membership has added benefits for greater success and costs only $25. Learn more and join today—start by clicking here.
What is the Certification Courses?
Even those who join for free are eligible to become certified shoppers. Certification is an affordable way to increase your chances of being chosen for an available job in your area. Click to learn more about the courses we offer.

If you have already joined MSPA Americas as an Independent Contractor and need to take the Intro to Mystery Shopping Certification course, make sure to check your junk folder for an e-mail with the subject line, "Welcome to your Independent Contractor Membership with MSPA Americas." It will contain a link and instructions to take the certification course.

What is the Opportunity Board?
Looking for available jobs in your area? Check out the postings from our member companies here. This is a benefit restricted to members, so be sure to sign up at least for our free membership level first. Keep in mind that Plus members are able to view postings before Basic level members!

How Are Certifications Recognized?
In recent months one of the very common certification verification services has met a bump in the road that has interrupted the ability for some companies’ applications to easily verify certification codes within applications.
In the meantime, we suggest to all independent contractors that you include your certification information in any “Notes” section available while applying or email a scheduler the information directly. Your certification can be manually verified on the MSPA website by clicking here. This verification is ONLY for MSPA Provider Members to access.
Think You Might Be Involved in a SCAM?
If you have received checks or communication concerning conducting a mystery shop for which you purchase products and send them to a specified address or wire money from checks that were sent to you in the mail, it is a scam and we strongly suggest that you do not waste your own time and money carrying out the illegitimate assignment. For a listing of all our secure member companies, please click here.
Have you submitted a question that still hasn’t been answered? Are you experiencing a technical issue? We’re happy to help! Someone from our staff will respond within three business days. Please email
Thank you for your interest!
The MSPA Americas Headquarters Staff