Advertising & Displays (POP)

Description of service: This opportunity involves the installation, refresh and update of content, of materials that advertise specific products and services.

These opportunities are available to both Independent Contractors but In some cases, you will be required to register as a W-2 Employee, part-time, to be eligible for these opportunities. Each Contracting company will require you to complete specific application forms that will most likely include: 1. Background Check, 2. Identity Verification, 3. Past employment verification, 4. Company Application. Once these items have been provided you will go through a hiring process that may include: 1. Personal Interview with a company representative, 2. Briefing of what the assignment will entail, 3. A review and possible assignment.

Opportunities are mixed and sometimes require specific tools to complete. These tools will most likely be provided at the location or through the contracting company.

Some of the more common offerings you will see:

  1. Display Verification of Specific Promotional Programs
    1. Inventory
    2. Displayed order
    3. Storage inventory and quality of storage
  2. Update Product
    1. Related display area
  3. Relative Signage to be posted in an identified area
  4. Location of Product Verified
  5. Installation of POP
  6. Refresh POP
  7. Removal of POP