We are undergoing a system transition from MemberSuite to GrowthZone.



please read carefully

If your new account is set up, you may log in here!


First, check your email inbox for an email containing login instructions.

The sender will be “members@mspa-americas.org via growthzoneapp.com” with the subject “MSPA Americas Account Activation”. If you do not have this email, please keep reading.

To set up to your MSPA Americas account, please do the following:

  1. Follow this link and Create An Account with the exact email address you originally signed up with in MemberSuite (you will also receive an email to this address). Creating an account will match your existing member record to your new account.

Create a new account. Do not “Rejoin”.


2. You will receive an email telling you to reset your password. Reset it.

3. Log in with the old email and new password. Your account is now activated.

Once you have created your account you may login at anytime: https://members.mspa-americas.org/MIC/login

Having Trouble?

Please fill out this form if you cannot remember your original MemberSuite email address. This is the email address that you usually log in to MSPA with.