Now is the right time to join MSPA Americas, the association that works hard to shape the customer experience industry.

MSPA Americas is the only professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using objective, anonymous services. Our diverse membership includes marketing research and merchandising companies, loss prevention firms, surveyors, and companies that specialize in providing mystery shopping services.

Gain Exposure and Increase Your Business – MSPA Americas members are:

  • Listed in the Company Search for easy viewing by potential clients
  • Exposed to an average of 40,000 unique MSPA Americas website visitors per month
  • Included in media pitches on the value of the industry when applicable
  • Provided online access to the Media Training Kit

Save Money/Improve Your Business – MSPA Americas members can:

  • Exclusive access to Member Deals, an elite collection of thousands in perks and discounts
  • Post opportunities for independent contractors (approximately 20,000+ views per month)
  • Receive a specialized business insurance policy quote
  • Access to MSPA Americas certified independent contractors

Learn and Protect Your Business – MSPA Americas members can:

  • Become part of the Independent Contractor Coalition – a powerful voice on Capitol Hill
  • Contact MSPA Americas’ legal advisor for assistance in state regulatory issues
  • View laws and regulations impacting the industry as available

Network and Be Educated – MSPA Americas members can:

  • Participate in the most important benefit of being a member of MSPA Americas – sharing ideas
  • Access partners outside your area of expertise in order to expand and create more comprehensive services
  • Receive information on scams and fraudulent activities that impact your company’s business
  • Participate in MSPA Americas’ CME Conference, the Conference for Creating, Measuring and Enhancing the Customer Journey
  • Participate in MSPA Americas’ ShopperFest to gain exposure to independent contractors
Get involved and be a part of the industry.  Customer experience management and measurement adds value to your business – let MSPA Americas do the same for you!