The MSPA Elite 2021 submission period has closed. Awards will be announced shortly.


MSPA Elite Criteria

The MSPA Americas Elite program is an awards program instituted in 2015 designed to recognize the preeminent member companies of MSPA Americas who demonstrate through tangible actions their distinguished leadership and complete support in advancing the goals and objectives of MSPA Americas trade association. The program seeks to acknowledge those member companies who meet all of the criteria for the awards qualification period as is set by the Board of Directors. In short, these are the leading companies who are shouldering the advancement of the industry above and beyond the baseline membership requirements and the day-to-day running of their core business to advance the good of the whole.
Normally criteria for qualification is set early in the year to give member companies the opportunity to implement and support the Board’s initiatives on a year-round basis. Given the unprecedented challenges of COVID and its severe impact on many MSPA Americas members, the board suspended the program for the bulk of 2020. With the great news that most of our member companies are back online, the Board has put together a list of criteria for this abbreviated qualification period which will run from October 1, 2020 – December 15, 2020.

2020 Criteria for Elite 2021 Status

(All Four Required)
  • Membership Dues Current
  • Serve on the Board of Directors or a Committee; Attend 75% of meetings
  • Attend Four (4) Webinars or Roundtables
  • Promote the MSPA and Evaluator Membership with a URL on the Home Page or Evaluator Log-in Page Linked to MSPA Americas Evaluator Membership Page

(Two of Four Required)

  • Monthly Posts on the Opportunity Board
  • 12 Posts in the Evaluator Facebook Group
  • Support with a Strategic Summit with an In-Person or Virtual Attendance
  • Provide an approved case study or article for the website
Each of the criterion is set with the thought that any company, regardless of size or other factors, can earn recognition for advancing the important annual goals of the association through achievable actions. If you have any additional questions about this year’s program, please email them to