About Us


MSPA Americas is the trade association representing the customer experience and merchandising industries throughout the Americas and the roots of the greater association, MSPA Global.

The MSPA Americas has a database of more than 60,000 independent contractors and expanded our shopper educational opportunities with online certification courses now available in specialty segments. For our member companies, having the ability to send independent contractors to the MSPA for education is invaluable.

Our provider companies also value that the MSPA strives to maintain a membership of legitimate, trustworthy businesses. In an industry unfortunately marred by scammers, MSPA membership is a marker for safe mystery shopping experiences.

The MSPA Americas will continue to exceed our members’ needs. With easy to attend conferences at a great value point and an ever-growing pool of educated independent contractors, the MSPA provides benefits to help customer experience companies in day-to-day business.

Our mission is to connect and support the businesses that influence customer experiences through managing, quantifying, interpreting, enhancing and re-defining the customer experience. Connect with our members by joining a committee; gain exposure for your business by exhibiting at an event, and join today to receive the support that only MSPA Americas membership provides.

Are you a merchandising company or previously involved in NARMS/WARES? We have a home for you here: https://www.mspa-americas.org/narms-wares/