It is with regret that we write to inform you that the MSPA Asia Pacific region is suspended from the Global Association as of 1st July 2020 and Global privileges have been withdrawn accordingly. 
Reasons for suspension
A complaint was raised that the Asia Pacific board had a) unfairly restricted an applicant in becoming a full/regular member, and b) that the MSPA Common Code of Ethics was not adhered to by the Asia Pacific board when considering the application for membership.
The complaint, investigated using the Violations and Unified Dispute Resolution Process, substantiated and affirmed both parts of the complaint i.e. found that the Asia Pacific board’s actions were unethical and unfairly restrictive. The Dispute Resolution Committee also highlighted that the Asia Pacific Board had made alterations to their bylaws and articles of association that a) removed the requirement for Asia Pacific members to agree to bylaw changes, which are a fundamental principle of a trade association and b) changed their full membership criteria to disadvantage the applicant.
As a result, the actions taken by the Asia Pacific board were found to be in direct contravention to Global bylaw Article VIII, Section 3, which states:
No article or provision of the bylaws of any region shall be inconsistent with the bylaws or stated purposes/ mission of MSPA Global. At all times, the purposes, objectives and activities of each region shall be consistent with those of MSPA Global. 
After a period of investigation and attempted mediation, a letter was written and sent to the Asia Pacific board on 31st March which supported the findings of the Dispute Resolution Committee, and laid out the steps that the Asia Pacific board must take to prevent the Asia Pacific region’s suspension from the Global Association. A period of 3 months was given for MSPA Asia Pacific to rectify these issues, including amending their bylaws to bring them back in line with the other regions and welcoming the complainant as a full/regular member.
Failure to comply to the request made has resulted in suspension of the Asia Pacific region as of 1st July 2020.  
Next Steps
It is hoped that the Asia Pacific board will take swift action and address the issues which have been identified.  Whilst under suspension MSPA Asia Pacific loses all its privileges which include the right to use MSPA branding, the right to attend MSPA events at privileged rates and any other benefits developed by MSPA Global, including links to websites and personal profiles on the MSPA Global website.  
Permanent removal of the Asia Pacific from the Global Association will follow on 31st December 2020 if the necessary steps aren’t taken to rectify this situation.
In its capacity of stewards of the MSPA brand, the Global board has commenced a planning process which will afford global support to members in the Asia Pacific region during the period of suspension. If, having published this statement, it becomes immediately apparent that the Asia Pacific board has no intention of remedying this issue, the Global board will have no hesitation in accelerating the process of finding alternative, globally-supported solutions for MSPA members in the Asia Pacific region in the short and longer term.
MSPA Global Board statement, dated 31 July 2020  

  • Bylaws of the MSPA Global Board (adopted October 10, 2009, revised and accepted October 1, 2019) – download pdf
  • The MSPA Common Codes of Professional Standards and Ethical Conduct (adopted:19 September 2018) – download pdf